Section A

Unix and Shell Programming: Introduction to Unix and the Command Line Interface.

Week 1

In the first lab, you will log on to the class's AWS server and try several different Unix Commands.

Week 2

In Week 2's practical exercise, you will develop a simple class that represents a geometical points. A point has an x position and a y position. It can be created and moved.

Introduction to UNIX: UNIX architecture and command usage, Internal and external commands, Command structure, browsing the manual pages, learning about UNIX file system, file naming, parent-child relationship. Commands for: displaying calendar, system date, using the calculator, Recording the session, knowing logged in user details, knowing the machine characteristics, knowing the terminal, and displaying terminal characteristics knowing the login name, host name, name of the operating system, version of the operating system.

File and Directory Commands: Knowing about HOME directory, checking for the current directory, learning about absolute and relative pathnames and difference between them, changing the current directory, making and removing directories, conditions for removing directories, listing the directory contents in varied ways, displaying and creating files, copying, deleting and renaming files, paging the output of the file, printing a file, knowing the file types, counting lines, words and characters, displaying data in octal, comparing two files, converting one file to another, compressing and archiving files, listing file attributes, listing directory attributes, Changing Permissions on Files and Directories