Section B

Unix and Shell Programming: Basic Unix Commands

Week 1

In the first lab, you will log on to the class's AWS server and try several different Unix Commands.

Week 2

In Week 2's practical exercise, you will develop a simple class that represents a geometical points. A point has an x position and a y position. It can be created and moved.

File statistics: Searching for patterns, Comparing files, Printing files, Rearranging files, sorting files, Splitting files, Translating character, linking files with hard and soft links and understanding the difference between them.

Operating on files: Locating files, applying simple filters on file, paginating files, displaying the beginning and end of a file, splitting a file vertically, pasting files, ordering a file, Locating repeated and non repeated lines, transliteration sorting and searching a file, pattern matching-the wild-cards.

Standard I/O redirection: Standard files, standard output; Standard input, standard error; filters and pipelines, creating a tree.

Process In Unix: Learning about customizing the environment: environment variables, the common environment variables, aliases, Command history, in-line command editing, Process basics, process status, system processes, mechanism of process creation, internal and external commands, process states, running jobs in background, killing processes, Running jobs periodically, timing processes