Section C

Unix and Shell Programming: Shell Scripts

Week 1

In the first lab, you will log on to the class's AWS server and try several different Unix Commands.

Week 2

In Week 2's practical exercise, you will develop a simple class that represents a geometical points. A point has an x position and a y position. It can be created and moved.

Shell scripts: Types of shells, Shell functionality, Displaying – using echo, Using Expr Using Test, Getting input – using read, Writing script & executing basic script ,Debugging script, Making interactive script,Variables (default Variables), Mathematical expressions

Conditional statements: If-else-elif,Test command, Logical operators-AND, OR, NOT, case –esac

Loops: While, For, Until

Command line arguments: Positional parameters Set & shift IF, Break & continue

Functions & file manipulations:Processing file line by line, Functions